Welcome to Adulthood Kid

You know how all the adults love to warn you when you complain about high school?

” Take it in now! Once you graduate you have to face the realities of life and you’ll wish you could be a teen forever!”

If I got paid each time I heard that , I’d be rich. To be fair, I hated high school so regardless of what people told me I believed that life would be waaaaaay better out of that prison. So far, it really is and I’m excited for the future, but this week decided to be the big ‘ol reality bomb.

To start my week, I officially got my tuition receipt for the first semester of college . I opened my student page, saw the balance and immediately sat down. Honestly believed I had been shot in the gut. The idea of paying for college terrifies me and I don’t understand why it costs so stinking much! Why do I need to pay over $48,000 to become a better educated woman? Basically, I realized how truly broke I will be these next four years.

As a music major, I need the best skills possible so this summer, I have been taking private lessons. This week my teacher told me that it is time to upgrade to professional grade . As exciting as this is, professional cellos cost just about as much as I am paying for my first semester of school, sometimes even more. I’ve been searching on all the realms of the internet to try to get an estimate of how much I need to be saving. After lots of crying over price tags, I came to the conclusion that I can never spend money again. I will hoard all of it like Scrooge.

Mid week, we got the cherry on top. My new car , a used 2007 prius, had a warning light go on right as I was driving to an appointment. After quite a lot of muttering and asking the lord why, I parked and went to the appointment. While waiting to be called back, I turned to the internet for a solution and texted my parents to inform them of my awesome new issue. From what I found, it sounded like it had something to do with the batteries of the car. I informed my mom on my findings and then started looking up the price tag on them. A normal battery costs around $180 , to which I cringed at. The hybrid battery? $5000 !!! That one made me just about have an anxiety attack. I made it through the appointment and got ready to leave. But the car would not start. I was officially stranded . Luckily, my amazing dad came to my rescue and our mad dash around town began. We had to leave the prius at the office , unable to solve the issue and it begin to late for a tow. Thankfully, my dad got in contact with someone who specializes in hybrid batteries. So the next day this expert met us at the car and took a look. It started up and made it back home with no issues, but this didn’t last long.The issues arose once again I ran a few errands.

Looks like it’s time to replace the 10 year old hybrid battery. Thankful this savior hybrid man can do it for less than $1000, but I just keep crying. I am truly embracing the college life style; broke and a mess!

This is the reality all of those adults were just waiting for me to have so I could then tell them they were right about being a teen.

As much as I HATE this money situation, I just have to accept it.

Cause guess what? Life is gonna move with or without me. I’m choosing to roll with it cause its the first of many of these situations.

Life gave me one heck of a welcome to the big leagues this week, but it is not prepared for who its dealing with.

Lets go adulthood; its on.


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